Monday, May 11, 2009

RED Digital Cinema Update

WEVA NEWS MINUTE: From NAB 09 - Update on RED Scarlet
April 30, 2009 Las Vegas, NV - Just last winter, RED Digital Cinema declared it was rethinking the on-going design of Scarlet (photo from Soon after a countdown clock appeared on the RED website, ticking off the hours and days until the redesign for the camera would be unveiled, the company said. When the clock, stopped RED announced all bets were off until NAB 2009, held this month in Las Vegas, NV.

WEVA NEWS MINUTE producers Sue Lawson and Bruce Himmelblau caught up with RED's Ted Schilowtiz at the NAB show to check on Scarlet's current status, and more. Watch HERE! (Allow for QT download). For more information visit

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