Monday, June 22, 2009

Concrete Comparisons of Theora Vs. Mpeg-4

from SLASHDOT: Concrete Comparisons of Theora Vs. Mpeg-4
"With the upcoming Firefox 3.5 and HTML5 video, there's natural interest in Theora vs. Mpeg-4, but without much evidence either way. Here's clips encoded at various rates to provide concrete comparison between Theora and Mpeg-4. Theora performs decently, but requires more bandwidth than Mpeg-4 (although this is a 1.1alpha release of Theora and Theora has a much better license than Mpeg-4). The quality comparisons are very subjective, but you can try the clips yourself and see how it breaks down. There was an earlier discussion about this, but it lacked much concrete evidence. (Disclosure: it's my page.)"

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bob said...

unfortunately the end it'll come down to market penetration, and here M$ and adoby are the winners
there were so many promising concepts e.g. wavelets, fractal etc
but the 'normal' user needs a quick easy (mobile?) 'one-click' solution, guess that's what made youtube so popular
besides for real good quality you'll need someone to edit the vid and decide scene after scene what/how much compression is used (like the DVD production process)