Wednesday, July 01, 2009

July 1: A Television Trifecta

Wire has an excellent story
July 1: A Television Trifecta

July 1: It’s a triple anniversary, a signal day in television history. The Federal Communications Commission was established this day in 1934. The NTSC television standard went into effect exactly seven years later in 1941. And that same day, a New York City station telecast the first legal TV commercial.

There are records of television commercials dating back to 1928 aired by W1XAY in Lexington, Massachusetts. Boston’s W1XAV ran a commercial for I.J. Fox Furriers on Dec. 7, 1930. That one drew a fine, because the station’s license did not authorize the selling of commercial television time.

NBC’s New York City station, WNBT-TV (now WNBC-TV), had the first such license, and it ran the first official TV commercial on its first day of commercial operation, July 1, 1941.

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