Friday, August 28, 2009

lowest end video source.

Wow, they have really made some progress since I last looked.
Video totally software generated.

> Isn't this just 1983 all over again?

in 1983 they needed a lot of chips to make the video.
some of the CPU's were less then 1 Mhz even!

But these microchips are 20 Mhz and up.
They can literally generate video by "Bit banging" or toggling the digital output lines fast enough to approximate a video signal.

At this point it good enough to run a game while generating video on the same CPU.

This literally is the equivalent of taking a printer port wiring a few resistors and creating a video signal out using software.

Something that me and a friend Terje Oseberg did on a PC once just playing around 8 years ago or so using one of my old Audio Bytes.

More info:
Howto on generating video signals using PIC.

What is really impressive is I have seen some projects doing a really simple video overlay using an LM1881 to seperate the video sync and drive a cpu to output the video overlay.

Below is an example
Closed-Caption Decoder

I have also seen where an atmel 2051 was using and a cd4021 shift register. So like 3 chips costing $5 to generate a video overlay!

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