Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stereoscopic 3d with a PIC micro

This is an excellent example on how to do video stuff on the cheap.

Modded TomyTronic 3D stereoscopic PIC

Tomytronic is now out of business.
But the optics is really the only part of interest.

They make an optical assembly that really was 2 lenses with short focal lengths like (1 to 2 inches) and 2 mirrors, very similar to a view master. 

Under the 2 mirrors can you drop your display or displays.

The cool part is on Pyrofer’s Projects he managed to get the LCD to run off a PIC micro controller. And is rendering some crude 3D. No reason this couldn't be an ARM or something with a bit more muscle.
He also managed to interface with Wii Mote's imput to get positional tracking information in.
so it should be possible to do full VR!

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