Sunday, May 09, 2010

html5: see some..... non - flash videos

From William Wallace:

see some..... non - flash videos (using Ogg Theora and Vorbis format)  ....   from

..... anyway, I was looking into .... new rules for lexing and parsing  and came up with this.. info-spin-off ....

 Those (mostly apple, some linux and 386bsd), waiting for html5 instead of just going with flash videos,
possibility, will have a longer wait then to be expected, and it probably won't be worth the options pending availability,
a that point in time...because:  1.Codecs remain to be found that are not proprietary and browser engines will not co-operated enough with each other to make it a mainstream technology within a reasonable length of time. Google seems to, as usual, have the lead on this, as "Chrome" seems to be the only feasible player in the field, at the present time and with their acquisition of On2 , thereby getting VP8    

.... to be continued...later.... maybe ( opinion derived from ref: below) ....  


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