Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why People Should Stop Being Duped By the 3D Scam

From Slashdot:

"The entertainment and electronics industries keep trying to push 3D on consumers, even though a lot of smart people have caught on to the fact that it is a scam and not innovation as the industry would like you to believe. From the article: 'This is a bad experiment that the industry is forcing consumers to subsidize. And since they can’t create a better product, they’ve simply latched on to 3D as a marketing ploy that the entertainment and electronics industries can use to trick people into thinking that they are getting a superior experience. It’s only working because just enough people are falling for the scam to keep it alive.'"

I totally disagree with this.

I think after seeing some of these movies and the New 3D cameras and Nintendo 3DS my kids will be demanding 3D on all of there screens.  So even if this wave of 3D doesn't take off right away I am confident in 10 years 3D will me commonplace.

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