Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FOX and YOUTUBE here is an oppertunity going to waste.

Wired is one of the top magazines and has some klout.

I came across an interesting article on

Which linked to Youtube "Gob's greatest illusion - the yacht disappears"

"This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

What a missed opportunity. If I were a share holder I'd be getting a little upset about this by now.

I mean Wired I am sure would be more then happy to license this clip as it would any still or clip from FOX I know there are middlemen that do just that for traditional Broadcast medium.

What this just a miss step on Wired part?
Is this because the author didn't know to use some obscure streaming service that does just this very thing? 

So in the end, Wired who I am sure would be a happy paying customer, get's an unprofessional result. 

Shut down by Fox through Youtube, the only thing not turning this FAIL/FAIL in to profitable WIN/WIN is a small amount of Code and an agreement by the lawyers and the suits.

Just imagine how it would also empower others who also wish to include a video that references modern popular culture.

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