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Fwd: AMD Embedded Solutions Launches AMD Embedded R-Series Platform

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Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 9:02 AM
Subject: AMD Embedded Solutions Launches AMD Embedded R-Series Platform

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AMD recently announced the new AMD Embedded R-Series Platform. This new platform delivers high-performance processing coupled with a premium high definition visual experience in a solution that is still power efficient. Enabling unprecedented integrated graphics and multi-display capabilities in embedded applications that can be compact and low power.

The AMD R-Series APU is designed to efficiently handle your advanced multimedia and computational workloads. With average power below 13 Watts1 and discrete-class AMD Radeon™ graphics performance integrated into the AMD R-Series APU, applications that previously required a discrete graphics card can be developed in small form factors with low power and cost.

R Series diagramThe AMD Embedded R-Series APU delivers unprecedented graphics performance in an integrated APU device. With discrete-class graphics performance integrated into the APU, applications that previously required a discrete graphics processor or card can now be delivered in a lower power and lower cost solution. This will enable these applications, such as casino gaming and digital signage, to fit onto smaller boards and in smaller cases. And by pairing these solutions with a discrete AMD Radeon graphics processor they can deliver even more graphics performance through AMD Radeon Dual Graphics technology2.

» Learn more about the AMD R-Series Platform
¹ The average power for the 35W TDP AMD R-464L APU when system is running one iteration of 3DMark 06 default run was 12.861 Watts. R-464L testing was performed on an equivalent A10 Series APU. System configuration: AMD A10 2.3GHz 4/1/D, "Pumori" development platform, 4 GB RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate.
² AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics technology combines the processing power of select AMD APUs and select AMD Radeon GPUs and can support displays connected to either the APU or the discrete GPU. Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system required.

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