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I saw your blog where you put up my message to you about a CES appointment.  I'm going to paste below the press release as I think it would make a better blog post than my writing :)  Let me know if you can use it or need a photo, etc.


Rita Tennyson

Point Brings Augmented Reality to Your Television Screen

 Telibrahma's Point debuts as first Augmented Reality Second-Screen Experience

January 8, 2013, CES/Las Vegas, Eureka Park #74112 - Telibrahma (, the award-winning leader in

global mobile marketing technology, is breaking the mold by debuting a revolutionary

second-screen experience with Point, their image recognition technology that can

capture point-enabled videos and provide an interactive experience for viewers.

Using Point, consumers can enjoy instant engagement across any mobile device by

simply pointing their phone at a Point-enabled video, movie, commercial or television

program and gain instant access to an augmented experience.

"Point provides a Shazam-like experience for consumers that takes them to the next

level of engagement, and we're thrilled to offer this exciting technology to users," said

Suresh Narasimha, CEO and Founder of Telibrahma.

Point is a 360-degree solution for consumer engagement and provides an innovative

way for brands to communicate with their audience.

In addition to point-enabled videos, Point also works with print ads, editorial content,

brand logos, newspapers, magazines and websites to create "real world" experiences

for consumers on their mobile devices.

Download Point from your mobile device at:

For more information on Telibrahma visit:

 About Point

Point, the world's lightest and fastest Augmented Reality, is a visual recognition augmented reality

platform that helps brands engage with consumers by creating "real-world" experiences of products. By

scanning a product or service with their smartphone camera, consumers can gain instant access to

search results that are enhanced by 3D and 2D camera overlays, video overlays, facial recognition and

contextual results. Point allows brands to go beyond the QR code by working with any ad, editorial, brand

logo, newspaper, magazine, website, place or video.

 About Telibrahma

Telibrahma is an Intel-funded company that focuses on consumer engagement through augmented reality

advertising. With Point, the company's new augmented reality platform, Telibrahma helps brands create

"real-life" experiences for consumers, increases engagement and produces higher ROI. Working with

brands like Dove, Nokia, Nike and Toyota, Telibrahma is a leader in contextual mobile solutions.

Telibrahma was established in 2008 and has offices in New York and India. For more information, please

visit the website at

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