Monday, April 27, 2020

Fwd: OctaneRender 2020 and RNDR are out now!

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OctaneRender 2020 and RNDR are out now!

OctaneRender 2020 and RNDR are out now!

OTOY® is very proud to launch OctaneRender 2020 - with huge 2-3x speed gains using Optix 7 RTX hardware acceleration, Native GPU C4D Noises and much more.

In tandem, OTOY is launching the RNDR NetworkTM today for all Octane 2020 users, ushering in a new era of decentralized production-ready GPU cloud rendering at scales never before possible.

What's New in OctaneRender 2020.1:
  • NVIDIA RTX GPU Hardware Acceleration with 2-3x speed increases, improved NVLink support and order of magnitude 15-30x accelerations in fully RTX optimized scenes
  • Fast Spectral Random Walk SSS Skin and Spectral Universal Hair Material for instant unbiased, GPU based sub-surface scattering
  • Native C4D GPU Noise Shaders for volumes, textures, displacement and shader graphs authored in Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Universal Camera with OSL Distortion Maps, Split Focus Diopter, Optical Vignetting,  Aperture Texture and In-Camera controls for advanced DOF, Aberration and Distortion
  • GPU Volume Displacement and Vectron Volumes bringing fully procedural Volumes to the Octane Node Graph along with new Vectron Mesh and Volume Operators
  • Octane Spectron Light Primitives with 4x faster Quad and Point Spectron Lights, Procedural Spread functions, and new Gobo Filters and Lights

Other New Features

  • LiveDB OSL Procedural Shaders, Native Curve and Point Primitive Attributes, Improved Rounded Edges, ACES and Advanced Color Management, Universal Dirt System, Volume Shadow Step Length controls, an improved Daylight System Sky Model, and a Hydra Render Delegate supporting the Houdini 18 Solaris viewport.

Concurrently with the OctaneRender 2020.1 launch, the RNDR Network is now available publicly to all users with an active Octane subscription or maintenance plan. The public launch of RNDR introduces artist-friendly RNDR credit purchasing options as well as a new Enterprise tier -  in partnership with Microsoft and other GPU cloud providers -  enabling secure MESA/TPN/MPA production rendering on the RNDR network.

Subscribe or upgrade to OctaneRender 2020 today and access RNDR at A preview of OctaneRender 2020.2 and the complete OctaneRender 2020 roadmap can be viewed here. Please read the release post for more details on OctaneRender2020.1 features.
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