Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flash streaming

Joshua: Hey John!
Sent at 3:47 PM on Tuesday
me: hi
Sent at 3:54 PM on Tuesday
Joshua: you going to go revolutionize the video streaming business and get rich? :)
Sent at 4:01 PM on Tuesday
me: It's a nice thought, but since flash and youtube are now doing almost everything that I had in 1996 there is probably little chance of that.
I am working on a Head Mounted display
Something like http://www.lumusvision.com/
Joshua: nice!
me: Not sure how far it will get, still in research phase
I also had an incredible idea for super caps as in the end of battery technology as we know it
Joshua: dang!
Sent at 4:05 PM on Tuesday
Joshua: That would be amazing too. I still think you can improve on the CDN side of video streaming though.
Sent at 4:06 PM on Tuesday
me: I am sure I can by using P2P or cooperation from the prodiders I had a live p2p streaming system at one point up for demo's a long long time ago.
Sent at 4:09 PM on Tuesday
Joshua: could a site like youtube use something like that?
Sent at 4:12 PM on Tuesday
me: They are limited to what Adobe's macromedia flash platform can operate with
I was thinking of selling a flash server since adobe want's $4000 for one that only works on windows server but for recorded video a web server is fine
Joshua: what can a flash server do that a normal one can't?
me: So this would be for live flash video streaming encode and stream at the same time it's like web server, but the file never ends. so a normal web server can't do it the livecam server can already do this.
Sent at 4:17 PM on Tuesday
Joshua: whats the difference between your server and the livecam one?
me: Mine is the livecam one
I wrote it
Joshua: lol. thats really cool.
me: Sorry I thought you knew this.
Joshua: nope. it's really impressive though.
me: we made a web server version of it called afterburner, it's on sourceforge
Joshua: would it be able to save a company like google money?
Sent at 4:21 PM on Tuesday
me: Well they are already using litehttp similar to afterburner from what I can tell, haven't read the source code yet.
and no one is doing live flash streaming but 2 small web sites
Joshua: you said that most content is recorded though.
me: ustream.tv and justin.tv but any web server will work for recorded because it just serving up large files some throttling would help them not waste bandwidth by not serving more of the file then the viewer is going to need right now someone on a fast connection will download the who video as fast as they can even if they will just flip to another video and not watch , so there is a lot of data sent that it just tossed out later and never used. Increasing bandwidth costs.
Sent at 4:26 PM on Tuesday
Joshua: Great point. Hey John, I gotta jet. It's always good talking to you and I'll catch up with you later. Have a great one!
Sent at 4:29 PM on Tuesday
me: ok l8r
Sent at 4:31 PM on Tuesday

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