Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NAB Coming and pirate HDTV Station.

NAB 2009 is coming up next week.
April 17–23, 2009 • Las Vegas, Nev.

of South Korea 2009 NAB Show, Booth: C2243
Makes the VENTUS a new DTV/Mobile TV modulator based on small USB 2.0 platform have ability to stream an MPEG stream from hard disk and output an industry-standard 50-870MHz (VHF + UHF) RF signal and S/L band.
The on-board synthesizer can generate a stable and accurate symbol clock and tuning frequency. The Transport Stream can be supplied via an external USB2.0 interface, and full customer-selectable modulation.

Basically it's a pirate HDTV Station. You can broadcast your own HDVT ATSC signals, and with amplifiers have a fully functioning TV station!

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