Friday, January 08, 2010

CES 2010: Panasonic Unveils Full HD 3D Camcorder

Panasonic will release the "world's first" professional, fully-integrated Full HD 3D camcorder in Fall 2010. Current 3D systems are large-scale setups in which two cameras are fitted to a rig in parallel, or vertically intersect across a half-mirror. Separate recorders are also required.

I am not so sure that's really true  "world's first" professional.. Humm. Too bad for all those little company's that made "professional" 3D cameras now. Such as Liquid Pictures, Silicon Imaging, Element Technica & Technicolor

Some discussion of this off facebook:
Marc - Cool but 21K will make it out of most of our price range and Panasonic must not be expecting huge sales to begin with, because I read they were made to order. As the technology improves and becomes more common place, obviously the prices will come down on these (or newer models).
Joe - Only draw back for me is the 1/4-inch 3MOS imager. It is a nice unit though.
Lee - So far our studio and offices has not had one request for HD never mind 3-D. We only do about 10 to 12 weddings a year but we do a lot of TV, corporate and event video no one and I mean no one has even asked about or requested HD or Blue Ray. I am not going to change anything until some one makes me or I start to loose business because I can't offer something they want.
Ken - Who "really" wants 3D? I don't. Unless they can do it where you don't need to wear special glasses. Just a gimmick to me. And will there be a market for hologram wedding videos in the future? What will whose cameras cost?
Matt - I agree with the glasses part. That's actually the biggest hindrance IMO to 3D at home. This camera on the other hand, is impressive, except the 1/4 inch chip part. Why did they do that when it's housed in the P2 or HMC-150 housing which has 1/3 inch chips?
Hector -
1.- Hollywood is going 3D. (As they did when move from B&W to Color)
2.- We as professional videographers follows Hollywood.
3.- So, we will go to 3D.
Because 3D is our natural way of seeing, it brings a feeling of realism to the audience.
Lee - Hector, the cost to shoot and edit 3-D, realD-3D or Fusion 3-D will be any where from 65K to 85K. At least for the for see able future. Until it becomes glasses free and a lot cheaper to shoot and edit it will remain in Hollywood. Event and corporate folks like myself can't make money if no one requests it and no one wants to pay for it and that is the way it is at least for now.
Ken - Most movie-goes I've talked to don't care too much about movies in 3D. They just want a good movie with a story. Same as HD. We've been shooting in HD for over a year and offering Blu-ray. So far nobody has asked for it. Blu-ray DVDs are still not selling as they expected.

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