Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fast and easy 3D reconstruction

Very cool and inevitable use of the Kinect Technology. Once it's applied to robotics and transportation, literally the entire physical world will be represented in the virtual world.

Soon there may be little difference between the two.

This can also be done using simple stereo cameras, such as 2x $5 USB cameras. And you get a Stereo 3D image too. There are other motion clues in the video too.  I believe there are already systems that use regular mono video, it can even be prerecorded and later used to make 3D image maps just like shown in this video.

Microsoft Photosynth, Google and NASA also had some tech like that, it's a shame it hasn't been further perused and shared.  

I am sure in a few years every cell phone will be able to do this.  Say 2015, 2018 the latest.
Actually with embedded micro projectors, maybe as soon as 2013.

Augmented Reality system will just make these 3D maps as part of just doing there head tracking and synchronization.  Every inch of modern metropolitan society will be fully mapped within months of  Augmented Reality's market wide acceptance.

MatterPort is creating a low-cost handheld 3D scanner that allows anyone to quickly and easily produce a realistic 3D model of a room or object.

Their goal is to make 3D capture as easy, as cheap, and as pervasive as digital photography.

Learn more at

Started by Matt Bell - Computer Vision expert. Founder of Reactrix. Working on MatterPort at Sunfire. CS degree from Stanford.
David Gausebeck - One of the original developers at PayPal; currently working at MatterPort. BS in CS from UIUC.

Bloomberg: Microsoft Kinect Lures Hackers

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