Monday, November 21, 2011

Transform TV products with 3D UI Tools

Mentor Embedded Inflexion user interface products

Tools and Technology for Developing Rich UIs on TV, IPTV and Set Top Box Products

Consumers continue to find user interfaces on TV products, including set-top box and IPTV, fall short of expectations in a technology rich world where products have exciting and dynamic UIs. As producers of TV products there is a consumer challenge to provide more compelling UIs.

To address this challenge we would like to tell you more about Mentor Embedded Inflexion user interface products. Inflexion provides a developer friendly approach to implement visually rich and more dynamic 2D and 3D UIs in TV, IPTV and set-top box products. It has a PC tool allowing you to quickly develop your UI using a drag and drop approach for the visual environment, and then run the hardware using the Inflexion UI engine. By utilizing the available OpenGL/ES hardware graphics accelerator, Inflexion ensures that you benefit from the hardware that is available on your device. Inflexion has out of the box support for Android and Linux and can be ported to other operating systems.

To find out how Inflexion can help you produce impressive 2D and 3D UIs with advanced lighting, reflections and other Open GL/ES 2.0 effects with minimal effort please download our whitepaper, Developing state-of-the art user interfaces for today's set-top box, TV, and IPTV applications or view our web seminar,Technology and Tips for Developing Rich UIs on IPTV and STB Products.


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