Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fwd: MasterImage 3D CES 2012 Follow-Up

Good stuff. 

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Subject: MasterImage 3D CES 2012 Follow-Up

Hi John, it was great seeing you at CES! This follow up contains additional information about our glasses-free 3D displays and our digital 3D cinema products. If you have any questions about our technology, please email us.

MasterImage 3D: Absolutely 3D
MasterImage 3D provides pioneering 3D solutions for mobile devices and for digital cinema. Our patented cell-matrix parallax barrier technology enables a whole new generation of glasses-free 3D smartphones and tablets. And with installations in over 70 countries, our digital 3D cinema system provides moviegoers around the world with the clearest, sharpest 3D visuals. > Learn More

Our Products:

High-Definition Glasses-Free 3D Displays


Our patented TN-LCD-based autostereoscopic technology allows for direct viewing of 3D content on mobile devices without the need for 3D eyewear. Our 'Cell-Matrix Parallax Barrier' display module enables high brightness and unmatched clarity. > Learn More

Superior Digital 3D Cinema Projection

Our MI-CLARITY 3D digital cinema system is based on circulating polarized filter disk technology enabling superior image quality, color and fidelity. Our rapid adoption comes from a favorable ownership business model and a flexible financing plan. > Learn More

3D Content Portal & Media Player

At CES, we also announced a content portal and 3D media player, providing MasterImage 3D display partners with streaming premium 3D content and secure e-commerce fulfillment. Learn More


Media Coverage 


Social Media & Additional Resources

White Paper


Get an outlook on the use of 3D in mobile devices in "The Mobile 3D Opportunity".


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For CES, we asked our partners to contribute a series of blog entries about the state of 3D.


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Connect with us in a business-minded setting, with our latest news and product updates.


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Join our community where stereo 3D enthusiasts can interact and gain knowledge.


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