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Non-Glasses 3D Display Technology Group

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Non-Glasses 3D Display Technology
January 18, 2012
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Holoxica announces a 3D Holographic display prototype which projects images in thin air!
Started by Javid Khan
Thanks, Javid. (It's moot, but PW with its Practical Holography meeting is at a different venue (Moscone Center) than Electronic Imaging... more » By Gregg Favalora
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DTI to showcase 2D/3D multiview displays with 3D resolution recovery at CES
Started by Jesse Eichenlaub
These displays looked very good! Time-multiplexed backlight is a great solution to provide high-resolution NG3D displays, especially as... more » By Thomas Edwards
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(Boston area) SMPTE / SID meeting on Holographic Video and OLED Displays
Started by Gregg Favalora, Optics-based product engineer / Autostereoscopic 3D specialist

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