Tuesday, July 01, 2014

ESPROS Demos ToF Evaluation Kit

ESPROS Photonics publishes Youtube video showing its epc610 ToF sensor evaluation kit:


Fully integrated Time-of-Flight imager/camera built as a system-on-chip.
epc610 on PCB                                         The world's smallest TOF camera based on epc610

Operation principle

The epc610 chip is based on the 3D TOF principle of light. Modulated light is emitted by a transmitter. This light is reflected by the object to be detected. The returning light is sampled by an on-chip photosensitive TOF CCD array. The receiver compares the phase difference between the emitted and the received light and computes the time difference of the "Time-of-Flight" individually per pixel. This value multiplied by the speed of light (ca. 300'000km/sec) and divided by 2 corresponds directly linearly to the distance.
The epc610 chip is designed to enable simple and cost effective 3D TOF cameras. Together with a microprocessor and few external components a fully functional TOF camera can be built.
The measurement functionality supports distance and ambient light measurement with variable integration time and on-chip temperature measurement for drift compensation.

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