Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Sony Lightfield Camera Application Promises Full Resolution Stereo Imaging

Lightfield-Forum noticed Sony patent application on lightfield camera that maintains the full image sensor resolution while providing stereo imaging. The 73-page, 43-figure US20140071244 application "Solid-state image pickup device and camera system" by Isao Hirota proposes dual level microlens and two-sided image sensor with 45-deg rotated pixels to achieve their promise:

Patent abstract:
There are provided a solid-state image pickup device and a camera system that include no useless pixel arrangement and are capable of suppressing decrease in resolution caused by adopting stereo function. A pixel array section including a plurality of pixels arranged in an array is included. Each of the plurality of pixels has a photoelectric conversion function. Each of the plurality of pixels in the pixel array section includes a first pixel section and a second pixel section. The first pixel section includes at least a light receiving function. The second pixel section includes at least a function to detect electric charge that has been subjected to photoelectric conversion. The first and second pixel sections are formed in a laminated state. Further, the first pixel section is formed to have an arrangement in a state shifted in a direction different from first and second directions that are used as references. The second direction is orthogonal to the first direction. The second pixel section is formed in a square arrangement along the first direction and the second direction orthogonal to the first direction.

For more information, check out the full patent details here: Patent US20140071244 – Solid-state image pickup device and camera system

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