Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Huya - the Chinese Twitch.tv : Stream VR Panoramic video live.


This is a really cool site if you can read Mandarin or have the google translator plugin that will make it english.

Anyhow I just stumbled on this when researching streaming Live 360VR for the Qoocam.  I assume there is a big lag in it. 

What is Huya Live

Huya live broadcast is a barrage interactive live broadcast platform that young people like. It mainly focuses on interactive live broadcast of games, and continues to introduce a variety of live broadcast content, such as e-sports live broadcast, outdoor live broadcast, entertainment interactive live broadcast, etc., to provide users with quality live broadcast viewing Experience. At present, Huya Live is supported by professional e-sports teams 4AM, TYLOO, 619, YTG, 1246, and well-known popular anchors Wei Shen, Miss, Uzi, Sao Nan, etc. Uninterrupted throughout the year, continue to provide players with a wonderful live broadcast feast!
How to watch live games on Huya Live?
1. Log in to www.huya.com with a browser on your computer , watch live chatter on the big screen, and enjoy a lively interactive feeling.
2, mobile phone download eye teeth live APP , anytime, anywhere, want to see, wonderful live in your palm.

This VR watch live, Watch panorama live.  

How do you conveniently get this in to your VR headset I have no idea. 

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