Friday, July 31, 2020

Projection Tool - poor mans laser cutter.


This is a tool for projecting the individual shapes of a 3d model onto sheets of cardboard to create physical models. It's kind of like a poor mans laser cutter. Its build on top of the game engine Unity.

Source code:

You can download a precompiled version of the app here: Windows 10:

After calibrating the screen. Press L on your keyboard to load the 3d model. Use < and > (command and period) to cycle through the faces of your model. Mouse wheel can be used to rotated the polygon for easier working. Some more information can be found in this video:

The cool think here is it was made by Matt Bell, a Virtual Reality expert who wanted to make physical objects,
Sort of the reverse of my path of having the digital manufacturing down but wanting to put things in to VR now.

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