Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pioneer Network Vision Head Up Display

At CEATEC JAPAN 2010, Pioneer presented a next-generation in-car display device, the Network Vision Head-Up Display.

A laser projector, using red, green, and blue laser light sources projects information, in full color onto the windscreen, overlaid on the drivers field of vision. The aim of the Network Vision HUD is to provide safe, convenient access to content by networking with a smartphone. In this way, the display can access navigation services, traffic news, and electric vehicle services, as well as recommendations for each user's favorite content.

"In terms of technology, this display is a laser projector, with an RGB laser light-source module. It forms a small screen and uses a special-purpose combiner, which is a half-mirror, to enlarge the picture and project it in mid-air. This achieves a big-screen display, which hasn't been possible with HUDs before. The screen size is equivalent to 25 inches. Because the light source is a laser, this display achieves high brightness, high contrast, and full color - features that distinguish it from previous HUDs."

This Network Vision HUD is based on Pioneer's laser module technology, which was originally developed for DVD and Blu-ray drives, and Pioneer's own SmartLoop service platform, developed through its experience in the car navigation business.

"Here, we're demonstrating the SmartLoop shared traffic-news service. For example, information about congestion, sent from other cars, can be shown on the HUD. And as an application for EVs, we're also demonstrating how this display can navigate to the least crowded charging station within the driving distance remaining on the battery."

Pioneer is currently developing this display, with the aim of market launch in 2012.

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