Monday, February 08, 2016

LEIA 3D - Light field display - Holographic display module

“There has been very little innovation in the basic physics for making 3-D images since early in the 20th century. This new display is transforming a technology that’s been around for 100 years.” – MIT Tech Review

They have developed an holographic technology that makes it possible to deliver collaborative 3D experiences through an interactive display with no eye wear required.

Every standard LCD display has a component called a backlight. A backlight is comprised of an LED light source and light guide, which directs light toward the display’s pixels. Once light passes through them images appear on the display as the LCD selectively blocks varying amounts of light at each pixel.

LEIA 3D’s technology replaces the standard light guide with a much more sophisticated one that has nanoscale gratings. Our new light guide delivers more control over the direction that light travels before it reaches the pixel array, and can direct a single ray of light to a single given pixel on the display.

This diffractive “multiview backlight” allows the projection of different images in different directions of space with smooth, gradual transitions between views. The result is content that looks 3D from any viewpoint, by any number of viewers, with a seamless sense of parallax—without the breaks, ghost images, or “bad spots” that are commonly experienced in lenticular displays. The visual experience is remarkable and provides a much wider field of view with the ability to update content at video rate.


  • 64 views (8×8) full-parallax, field of view (FOV) of 60deg
  • 200×200 pixels per view, total LCD resolution 1600×1600
  • 8bit monochrome output (color can be adjusted, default is white)
  • HDMI video input at 60fps, tiled or swizzled view supported.
  • powered directly via USB cable, no battery needed
  • Capacitive “Hover-Touch” panel, senses your fingers in proximity to the display and lets you interact with holograms without touching the screen (Haptics not available with this model.)
  • Gyro / Accelerometer

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