Monday, February 08, 2016

Not So Super Streaming – We Can Do MUCH Better…..

A little post Superbowl rant.

As we look historically at and plan for future events of this same ilk, we see some common themes.  Extensive preparation is one.  Redundancy is another.  Lately, the native ability to switch content delivery networks (CDNs) on the fly, so that your event has multiple paths to its viewers is key.  Some of the aforementioned part failures happened because of a variety of things.  From a visibility standpoint, these snafus tend to happen when audiences are largest, which drives the incorrect perception that streaming and OTT technology isn’t ready to handle the largest global events. Hogwash.
So as you nurse your post-Super Bowl heartburn and headache, realize that the reason your Apple TV app, web browser and phone couldn’t play last night’s stream was because someone or a group of people didn’t plan well and think through their design – not that the technology and infrastructure were unable to handle the load.  There’s always next year.
–Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist, Anvato

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