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Light Field Imaging: The Future of VR-AR-MR

Published on Nov 24, 2015

 Presented by the VES Vision Committee. Presentation by Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video for Lytro, followed by a Q&A with all presenters moderated by Scott Squires, VES. View Parts 1-3, as well as an amazing 360 video of the Panel with all presenters at


Event - Light Field Imaging: The Future of VR-AR-MR (Los Angeles)

Tue Nov 17, 2015
6:30pm to 9:30pm

(Image from Light Field Capture device – Photo provided by Lytro)

Light Field Imaging is a technology designed to capture and re-create light rays in a three dimensional scene. It has applications in entertainment, consumer devices, industrial applications and medical imaging. The presentations will cover the latest research in this technology which promises to revolutionize virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Check out videos of the event at the links below:

Watch 360 degree video here:

Principal Speakers:

Paul Debevec, Chief Visual Officer, USC Institute for Creative Technologies, will present the latest technologies being developed at USC ICT on light fields and photoreal virtual actors for Virtual Reality. He will cover the areas of high-resolution face scanning, real-time photoreal digital characters, and light field capture and playback for creating breathtaking realistic and interactive VR content.

Mark Bolas, Director for Mixed Reality Research at USC Institute for Creative Technologies, will describe the MxR Lab and Studio’s recent work on: Discovering Near Field VR Stop Motion with a Touch of Light Fields and a Dash of Redirection which won the Best VR/AR competition at SIGGRAPH 2015.

Jules Urbach, Founder & CEO of OTOY will discuss OTOY’s cutting edge light field rendering toolset and platform.

Jon Karafin, Head of Light Field Video for Lytro, a company which develops light field cameras will discuss light field technologies and their application in visual effects workflows, cinematography and virtual reality as well as the next generation of state-of-the-art capture systems

Moderator: Scott Squires, VES, Academy Tech Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Developer

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