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Fwd: Turkey votes Orad in General Elections

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Press Release
June 21, 2011

Turkey votes Orad in General Elections

Leading Turkish broadcasters TRT, TV8 and Haberturk relied on Orad for their winning broadcasts of the Turkish General Elections on June 12th, 2011. The Turkish viewing audience was mesmerized by Orad's powerful, interactive, virtual graphic capabilities.

Turkey's largest public broadcasters, TRT, captured the highest television ratings thanks to Orad's comprehensive election solution. By combining the capabilities of virtual productions into their broadcast, TRT were able to incorporate dynamic virtual backgrounds into their conventional studio. Augmented reality graphics, including election bars and tables were also displayed during the election production utilizing Orad's sensors tracking capabilities and Egripment TDT6 ENC fully encoded crane with 6 meters arm and 306 head. Adding to the broadcast's excitement was the incorporation of virtual Turkish monuments including the Parliament Building, the bridge over the Bosporus, Izmir Clock Tower and others into their productions. By relying on OradTouch, the presenters used their iPads to interact and control virtual graphics in real time. In addition to branded graphics including lower thirds, bugs, etc, in order to ensure that viewers were kept up to date at all times with the latest election updates, tickers ran continuously with up to the second, accurate election data.
TRT's broadcast was distributed to all their channels across the country including TRT1 and TRT Haber.

TV8, a privately owned Turkish broadcaster, relied on Orad's election solution to provide their viewers with up to the second accurate election coverage. Powerful, real time, and accurate on air graphics were used to provide branding and election updates. In addition, by relying on Orad's interact solution combined with a radarTOUCH device, TV8's presenters were able to interact with the graphics displayed on their regular video wall. TV8 providing their viewers with an intuitive election graphics presentation both on the Election Day and the following day.

Haberturk, the main Turkish news channel owned by CinerGroup used Orad's Maestro system for their full, real time coverage of the elections. Lower thirds, tickers, and full screen graphics powered Haberturk's Election coverage in the more than 12 hours of live programming.

TRT and TV8 election coverage were fully supported by Orad's professional team and Orad's Turkish partner Baran Bilisim.
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