Thursday, July 21, 2011

MonoLite, MPEG2Repair & NullPacketSaver MPEG2 transport stream tools

Unfortunatly these are just windows EXE's and no code, sorry linux users :(

This is code from Mark Wilczynski

From MPEG2 HDTV Transport Stream Tools:

monoLite - Alternative TS file player for NMT based media players.
Alternative player application for NMT (Network Media Tank) based media players such as the PCH-A100, PCH-A110, and others from E-Great, HDX, etc.

MPEG2Repair - Used to find and repair errors in MPEG2 transport stream files.  Windows application for testing HDTV transport streams to make sure they are Mpeg2 compliant. It detects and repairs low level .ts (transport stream) errors. It is useful for fixing MPEG2 streams received via broadcast systems like ATSC or DVB, before loading them into other video editing and/or repair tools like VideoRedo or ProjectX.

NullPacketSaver - Used for splitting, joining, and null packet backup of MPEG2 transport stream files.

It looks like this code's moved around a bit since he's hosting it on his DSL/Cable Providers site.   A google on mwilczyn is interesting.

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