Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rugged waterproof stereo 3D 1080p Camera System from GoPro.


GoPro makes the coolest stuff.  They seem like they are the best kept secret only know to a few people in extreme sports videographers circles.

The 3D HERO System allows you to combine two 1080p HD HERO cameras into a single (WATER PROOF)  housing to record 3D video and photos while simultaneously recording in 2D. A synchronization cable plugs into the rear HERO Port on both cameras to join them together, enabling both cameras to record video and photos in perfect synchronization. This is a requirement for professional quality 3D and is available only from GoPro.

The included 3D editing software—GoPro Cineform Studio—makes it easy to convert your 3D HERO System footage into viewable 3D files you can watch on your computer, online at sites like YouTube, and on your 2D or 3DTV at home.

I first saw a demo of this attached to a hexacopter , this is a very stable flying platform like an RC helicopter but more reliable, easier to fly and computer operated and connected with GPS automatic flight capabilities.

Image from Flicker , Click to image to enlarge.

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