Monday, July 25, 2011

Video controlled servo tracking.

This was a TI demo at the Embedded systems conference.

Critical Link, Mity DSP

They support some really high end scientific cameras and regular Machine Vision CCD's.

MityCCD is a family of high-performance scientific cameras meant for OEM applications.  The MityCCD imaging platform utilizes a number of key technologies.  Low noise analog front-end electronics are well matched to the target sensors and deliver a very low noise signal.  A digital subsystem consists of a 16 bit ADC, USB and Ethernet communication interfaces, and high-performance CPU engine.  The CPU (MityDSP TM) provides the capability of running complex and sophisticated applications directly on the camera.  Other key technologies are a vacuum chamber and TE cooling for low dark current, and a line up of mechanical enclosures that fit many environments.

MityCAM is a family of customizable cameras targeted for machine vision and instrumentation applications.  These cameras are available as 'Smart' cameras with built-in MityDSP embedded CPU engine.  This CPU is built around a DSP and FPGA which are capable of running your most demanding applications.  In addition to the embedded CPU, the cameras are available with a number of sensors and different communications options.

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