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Fwd: FW: ABERDEEN Petarack™ — Over a Full Petabyte of Raw Storage in a 42U Rack

This looks very cool.  Just think in 10 or 20 years it will cost $100 and fit on a key ring. 

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Subject: FW: ABERDEEN Petarack™ — Over a Full Petabyte of Raw Storage in a 42U Rack

Petarack™ — Over a Full Petabyte of Raw Storage in a 42U Rack, Under a Single Namespace.

128Bit ZFS (Zeta File System) Servers Scalable form Terabytes-to Petabyte-up to 16 Exabyte's for data & media storage.

All servers and storage devices come with a 5-year warranty on all parts and labor.
 Example: PetaRack Enterprise Package


  128 Bit ZFS Shared Storage Platform:
  • Offers unlimited storage capacities
  • Unlimited volume support providing non-disruptive volume grow/shrink
  • AberSAN V30 can scale to 1000s of Petabytes on Fibre and/or iSCSI.
(up to 16 Exabyte in a single volume)
  • Thin Provisioning = Storage capacity easily allocated to the AberSAN.
  • Unlimited snapshots and clones with fully integrated search
  • High Availability Clustering and Failover for server applications
  • Cloud storage capabilities

Available Options 2 Examples:

HA Cluster plug-in allows two AberSAN appliances to act as an active/active High Availability group in front of shared storage. HA Cluster requires SAS/FC/iSCSI DAS or JBOD with SAS HDDs.

Delorean module extends AberSAN to deliver ZFS powered Windows backups. Delorean users can select what local files and folders they want to protect via a built-in File Explorer interface. The protected files can then be further replicated and protected via AberSAN itself.

WORM enables any data folder to be made Write Once, Read Many. Once this plug-in is installed, any data folder can be made Write Once, Read Many. This applies to the entire content, including files, directories, and existing sub-folders. Any data folder without exception can be marked as WORM.

Target FC plug-in assists in the use of AberSAN as a block-level target for Fibre Channel deployments. Target FC includes adaptive multi-pathing so that performance scales up as needed with additional threads. Target FC also provides the ability to easily create logical groups of initiators and targets.

AutoCDP plug-in provides a synch remote mirroring capability over an IP network. The service replicates volumes between two different appliances in real time, at a block level. This is synch replication in contrast to the asynch replication performed by the Auto-Tier and Auto-Sync capabilities of AberSAN.

VM Data Center plug-in simplifies the management of storage for VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Users can establish replication policies for each VM and can perform common VM management tasks such as stopping and starting VMs.
 Media storage of High Definition, RAW, and MPEG media.  
XDAS-HD Video Storage The Aberdeen XDAS-HD is built upon the concept that today's storage market demands unconditional quality, highly expandable capacity and maximum performance in RAID attached storage devices. The XDAS storage boxes utilize SSD, SAS or SATA drives

Aberdeen's can deliver industry leading 10Gbit transfer rates. With this untouchable performance 1080i HD or 10 HD video streams simultaneously and it is robust enough to stream uncompressed 4K.

Designed for SD HD 2K 4K File Transfers

"Terrific for video serving or other storage-intensive tasks"
 - PC Magazine
·          Nonlinear Editing
·          Designed for professional content creation applications
·          Supports multi-stream SD, HD, 10-bit, 2K (2048x1080) and 4K (4096x2160) workflows
·          Virtual volumes for project based storage and real time, multi-user shared access
·          OS independence for full interoperability in Windows, Linux and Apple environments
·          High-Speed Throughput
·          The dual independent 8Gb Fibre Channel or 10Gb Ethernet host interface, transfers terabytes of data at up to 800MB/s Fast enough for demanding HD video editing applications.
·          Single or dual controllers
·          Maximum Uptime
·          Designed with field-replaceable modules the XDAS RAID keeps running with redundant load-sharing power supplies and cooling modules.
·          Hot-swappable disk drive modules and fans, redundant power supply
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