Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thin Film Transforms Any Surface Into Touchscreen

Singularity Hub.

Visual Planet's ViP Interactive Foil Touch Technology. From unpacking to installation this unique and innovative large format touchfoil has been used here with superb SWPF application software to create a fun and exciting interactive wall. Highly responsive to the users touch Visual Planet's through glass touchfoil technology offers a creative way to attract people passing by.


"Open up a cardboard tube, roll out a transparent film just millimeters thick, apply it on a flat object and *tada* you've got an interactive touch surface. Cambridge-based Visual Planet just launched its new massive-sized multitouch thin film drivers so you can create touchscreens from 30 to 167 inches in size! Their touchfoil is a transparent nanowire embedded polymer capable of sensing the touch of a finger, or even pressure from wind and translating that to a computer interface. It works on glass, wood, and other non-conductive surfaces."

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