Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google, Motorola and the next big play, TV.

From Google CEO Page Speaks at Zeitgeist Conference

When asked whether Google was interested in Motorola’s production of cable set-top boxes as a launching pad into people’s television screens, Larry Page said “certainly that’s something we considered, yes.”

Google has launched a service called Google TV that is built into cable set-top boxes or new TVs and lets people simultaneously search for Web video and TV programs to watch, but the service has had relatively slow uptake in the market.

When Page was asked what was the No. 1 threat to Google, he said “Google.” Google Chairman Eric Schmidt explained that “problems of companies at Google’s scale are internal.”

Page said many large companies “tend to slow decision-making and that tends to be tragic.” He previously said he became CEO in April in order to speed up decision-making at the company.

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