Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Kinect Based Whole Building Breakout

From SlashDot:
"If you remember Breakout — rows of blocks a the top of the screen and a paddle to bounce a ball into them to destroy a block — then you might not feel nostalgic about it. After all, it was a very limited sort of game. However, take one Kinect and one building and you have something quite different when you use it to create a Breakout game. The bricks, ball and paddle all projected onto an old building and the player moves from side-to-side to control the paddle. The player's position is being detected by a Kinect, is there no end to the fun you can have with this gadget. The really clever bit, and you might not notice it unless you look closely at the video, is that the ball bounces off real architectural features of the building — like the windows, for example"


Gigantic kinect brick game on a builing
This will definitely take your classic video game into epic and interesting proportions! The Kinect Gigantic Brick Game on a Building is as the name suggests; a Kinect-controlled Brick Game which the display is projected on the side of a tall building. This video by WECOMEINPEACE displays this very spectacular Kinect hack and how this project attracts bystanders directly and indirectly. In the video, the side of the tall building serves as the “monitor” for the brick game. Using a variety of high-powered projectors, the building displays the Kinect brick game. Using the Kinect, the user then commences to use his gestures to play the game. Arm movements control the main racket that bounces the ball and with the larger than life screen to view the game, it certainly adds more majesty to an otherwise old game. Kinect games are getting much love and soon, our own buildings might have an interactive Kinect game readily available.

Le casse-brique est un jeu-vidéo auquel tout le monde a joué. Mais c’est une toute autre expérience lorsque celui-ci prend des proportions monumentales et qu’on y joue avec tout son corps.
Brick propose au joueur de déplacer le palet grâce aux mouvements de son corps, pour faire rebondir une balle et casser les briques. L’installation ludique utilise principalement deux technologies :
- la Kinect pour la détection du mouvement du joueur
- le mapping, qui adapte le jeu aux moindres particularités du bâtiment.
Ainsi, la balle rebondit sur les vrais éléments de l’architecture, les fenêtres, colonnes, et gouttières, pour une expérience aussi grandiose qu’amusante.

Conception : Wilfried Della Rossa, Kimi Do, Thomas Mathieu
Visuals : Wilfried Della Rossa, Thomas Mathieu
Programming : Thomas Mathieu

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