Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mixed Signals: Majority Not Ready For Internet-Connected TV

From MediaPost

Consumers may be as indifferent to Internet-connected TVs as they are about 3D TVs.

A new study suggests a majority of consumers, 62%, "are not connected or not capable" and "most plan to stay that way," according to Knowledge Networks.

But those who are connected or fervent fans plan to dig deeper into new technology -- 21% of those capable plan to connect to a digital capable device next year. 8% of those who are not capable plan to get a connected device in the next year.

Of those already connected, Knowledge Networks says, two-thirds believe the quality of connected TVs are about the same, or better, than their regular TV reception. One-quarter of those cite watching TV shows through connected devices as their No. 1 choice.

But connected-TV viewers still have a yearning for old TV ways. Knowledge Networks say watching TV shows at their regular time is still their preference among all viewers.

As has been determined from other surveys, consumers of connected TV tend to be younger, better-educated, higher-income, heavy-technology users, as well as owning a diverse number of technologies/devices.

When using Internet-connected TVs, 10% of those consumers 13-64 watch TV programs; 11% watch movies (at least monthly) using a streaming service through a TV set. This increases to 17% to 18% among young viewers 13-31.

While video is most popular for connected TVs, search and Facebook are most frequently used Internet services. News services rank lower but still have good usage levels.

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