Sunday, July 10, 2011

Panasonic encourage purchase intent with Facebook Black Friday deals

Consumers discuss the products they “want” and those they “love” and “already have”: People say Panasonic make “great products” and mention a wide variety of products that they “love” such as TVs, cameras, projectors, blu-ray players, camcorders, clippers and turntables. For example, they praise the Lumix FS33 camera with touchscreen that is “the best of 2010” and say the DMP-BD85 Blu-ray player has “the best picture quality”. However, some consumers complain about “durability”, “bugs” and “technical problems” with products such as “flickering” and “floating blacks” on the G20, “slow data transmission” on the Lumix FS33 and “screen issues” on the Viera 50” plasma TV

Panasonic social media is successful at prompting consumers to consider purchase: One in three consumers say they are “interested in the Black Friday deals” or “can’t wait” to buy a product such as the “new Lumix GH2”, “awesome” 3D camcorder or “3D Plasma”

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