Thursday, July 07, 2011

Play dress up with Kinect

This is very similar to the Virtual Fashion Show I posted about an few months back.

Wait till someone combines a Kinect with a Projector, they you can wear white cloths and have a pattern projected against it.

"Now imagine adding 3D position data using something like the Microsoft Kinect , and you could do real time video mapping on to a live person."  - John Sokol

From Hack-A-Day : Play dress up with Kinect

While we have seen Kinect-based virtual dressing rooms before, the team at Arbuzz is taking a slightly different approach (Translation) to the digital dress up game. Rather than using flat images of clothes superimposed on the subject’s body, their solution uses full 3D models of the clothing to achieve the desired effect. This method allows them to create a more true to life experience, where the clothing follows the subject around, flowing naturally with the user’s movements.
Like many other Kinect hacks, they use openNI and NITE to obtain skeletal data from the sensor. The application itself was written in C# with Microsoft’s XNA game development tools, and uses a special physics engine to render the simulated cloth in a realistic fashion
[Lukasz] says that the system is still in its infancy, and will require plenty of work before they are completely happy with the results. From where we’re sitting, the demo video embedded below is pretty neat, even if it is a bit rough around the edges. We were particularly pleased to see the Xbox’s native Kinect interface put to work in a DIY project, and we are quite interested to see how things look once they put the final touches on it.

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