Thursday, August 25, 2011

3D Computer Vision Solutions for High Volume Applications

VanGogh Imaging is dedicated to providing affordable and easy to use computer vision solutions for high volume applications. There are many applications in medical, manufacturing, security, and entertainment that can greatly benefit from specifically tailored computer vision approaches to measure, record, and recognize shapes accurately. In the past, these high volume applications did not consider using 3D computer vision technology due to its cost and complexity. Recent advances in cameras, projectors, and algorithms have dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of 3D computer vision while improving overall accuracy.

VanGogh Imaging's flagship product, called Vincent, is an advanced software package which provides a unique auto-registration technology along with a depth computation algorithm. Vincent can work with almost any off-the-shelf stereo camera or 3D scanner. This allows the end user to select the most appropriate camera or scanner based on required accuracy and overall cost objectives.

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