Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elite Screens' Lunette Shows Benefits of Curved Screen

Elite Screens' Lunette A1080P2 curved frame projection screen features a number of innovations that enhance the viewing experience.

The curve design eliminates common projection issues like the "pincushion effect" by bringing the sides of the screen forward. It also gives the viewer the sensation of being drawn into the film.

The Lunette's acoustically transparent material, is a 1.0 gain projection surface that has .25mm perforations that allow optimal sound penetration, so in-wall speakers behind the screen can give excellent performance. It is also black backed to eliminate bounce back distortion.

"It wraps the viewer in a vivid image with excellent direct and off-axis luminescence along with stunning color uniformity." Said Dave Rodgers, Marketing Manager for Elite Screens USA. "Sound breathes through the material with a minimal amount of acoustical insertion loss or dispersion. The design gives a superb performance free of visual artifacts so that viewers can sit, enjoy and be wrapped in a full cinematic experience."

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