Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uganda's analogue signal at risk.

Uganda risks losing her analogue signal if we haven't switched to digital TV broadcasting by 2015.

Uganda Communications Commission executive director Godfrey Mutabazi says Uganda is behind schedule because the appointed signal distributor UBC has moved slowly.

He says if neighboring countries migrate to digital broadcasting before Uganda, our analogue signal will be severely affected.

September 24th 2015  is the set date by the Dominican...Telecommunications (Indotel) to make the definitive transition to digital television, a process already in motion in several countries such as Argentina

It's going to be very interesting to live this transition that in the US was not easy or accessible to everybody, because last year, there were so many people with analogical TV (big ones!) that the logistic to supply the digital converter to the users was somewhat traumatic. The government should encourage the acquisition of digital televisions during this 5 year period; because if the current rate of adoption continues, by august 2015 we'll have too many Dominicans with old televisions.

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