Friday, August 05, 2011

Proton - 720P HD Mini DV with Motion Detector

Holy cow, the camera is smaller then the Mini DV tapes that were the coolest most advanced thing in 1996.  Worst yet, it's cheaper then the tapes too!!!

Yikes, I feel old.

I follow this technology closely and I know it's possible and exactly how, but it still amazing to see it actually happen.

We are seeing a virtual explosion of Tiny cheap HD camera's, there price will keep going down, there quality and capability will only go up. Video will be ubiquitous and pervasive sooner then most people realize.

Proton - 720P HD Mini DV with Motion Detector $49.99...
Covert design: This mini HD video camera is small enough to hide just about anywhere
Web cam: Web camera for online video chat
High-definition camera: 1280x960 resolution
Built-in memory card: Micro SD memory card slot for easy memory storage and removal
Motion-detection function: Camera includes motion-detection and timestamp functions

DVR Spy Cigarette Lighter camera 
with Sound Activation (30FPS) $19.95
Spy in Style: Light to carry, easy to use.
Voice Recorder Function: automatically activates when audio sensor is triggered.
High Definition Camera: 1280x960-pixel resolution.
High Resolution Video: 1280x960 @ 30 FPS.
Support Memory Card: Supports up to 16GB Micro SD cards.

Can it light a Cigarette too?
I can't see where the camera is in the photos. 

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