Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tiny Glass Lens Could Turn Mobile Devices Into Projectors


At 1mm x 1mm x .8mm, the teensy FLGS3 Series lens is barely the size of the tip of mechanical pencil lead; and actually, it’s the smallest in the industry. Aspherical glass lenses like this are typically used in optical communication applications, where data is converted and transmitted as light signals. Projectors (including palm-sized projectors currently on the market) are one such application.

This lens in particular has what’s called a coupling efficiency of 73 percent. Coupling efficiency is a measure of light transmission efficiency, the amount of wideband light projected through an aperture, taking into account things like reflection and diffusion. Since it has a lower loss than previous models, which had a coupling efficiency of 68 percent, less power is consumed and less heat is created. The increase in coupling efficiency is due to the lens’ higher effective numerical aperture.

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