Sunday, February 13, 2005

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Save StarTrek Enterprise Let's create a P2P IPTV Network

Economics of Video and the Internet 4/2003

Playerless - JAVA Streaming Video technologies For the WEB

8-level vestigial sideband modulation - 8VBS - The Modulation for US HDTV stadard

Video Format Resolutions

Setting up dual displays under Windows

Multiple Output Video Cards

January 2005

Google Moves Into Video

SBC dials video

Spanish police nab suspected creator of webcam Trojan

Exposed Web Surveillance Cams

Monitors - LCD vs. CRT

An Analysis of the Skype Protocol

Bollywood New Releases Available via Video-On-Demand

Plasma's out, Hello SED

VCD and SVCD formats

P2P Video Streaming

IPTV snip from CES

Report on VideoNow Color

Cisco and Sun Tuning Into Video?

Apple looking for Video People

December 2004


TV over Phone Lines

Coming soon: Google TV?



Event Calendar

Interesting Links

Mattel responds to Hasbro's VideoNow

Kazaa mounts Betamax defence

The Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 HDV Camcoder

HDV Format

Depth Edge Detection

H.264 HDTV

November 2004

Video over TCP/IP

Ignoring the Broadcast Flag

H.264 & IPTV over DSL

DALSA to Launch Digital Cinema Center / First 4K Camera

Retroreflective Materials

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

JVC Everio

TV on Cellphones.

Here's one I bet you didn't know about - Technicolor Digital Cinema

Digital Video Editors

Digital Cable High-Def Ready Recorders

October 2004

Exploding TV - about the birth of IPTV VOD

Intel Cancels LCOS Development

Adoption of WMV9 hits some snags

SBC and Microsoft to Provide HDTV Over IP

The Universal Off Button

Engadget Interviews TiVo CEO

HDTV Recorders where are they at now.

Microsoft Bringing TV to Xbox

DVB-T STB/MPEG2 Player That Can Access SMB Shares

Distress Signal Emitted By Flat-Screen TV

Panasonic AJ-HDC27V HD Cinema camera

Online Movie Pay Per view.

Sony Professional Disk Blue Laser Optical format

Defeating MacroVision

Samsung to use sub-pixel VGA screens

Digital Cinema transmitted by satellite

Sony, Matsushita, Sharp to launch Blu-ray Disc camcorders in 2005

Digital Cinema Comes to India

Fisher FVD-C1

Great Links

TI plans live TV for mobile phones

September 2004

ASIS show Dallas Sep 27-30 2004

Other upcomming Conferences

Microsoft JPEG Security Hole

SVP (Secure Video Processor) Video CopyProtection

Theora Codec Ported to Java

Sony Begins OLED Display Production

Windows Media Player 10 Released

Microsoft Codec Required For Blu-Ray Players

More Blue-Ray News

3D LCD Technology

Video Software Development services

Multiple output video cards

More Rambling on Digital Cinema

CEDIA Expo 2004

200 GigaByte Writable CD storage.

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DTV Transition Coming Fast

ASTC stands for "Any Television Standard or Computer"

Prince's / Regal CineMedia HD Simulcasting

VOD To the Home - Moviebeam

ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0

Point-Of-Sale Video Advertising Network

Elevator Video Advertising Network

Litefast Holographic Graphics Display

Multiple Monitors and video in MS Windows

Video Resolution table updated

QUXGA 3840x2400 Ultra High Res LCD's

The State of Digital Cinema