Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inside the JAKKS Pacific Eyeclops Mini Projector

The EyeClops Mini Projector sells for around $100 as a toy.

It takes in composite video. The picture quality is so so, the color was inconsistent across the projected field due to misalignment of the LED light-source. But for a $100 toy who cares.

Somewhere I misplaced my notes, I had reverse engineered most of the Boards. If I find them I will update this page.

I was never able to track down the actual light valve. It's most likely a reflective LCOS, not DPL because of the price. Still I wish I knew who make it and where to get them for some other projects I am working on.

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Caller ID on cable TV

This was from Comcast Cable in Northern New Jersey.

It's part of there "Triple Play" package, where you get phone, TV and Internet.

Triple Play was all the rage in the industry a few years back. Wipty do, they offer SIP VOIP service at inflated rates, because CATV customers with internet can't figure out how to get MagicJack, Skype or Vonage on there own.

The Caller ID on the TV is the only real value add over these other IP Phone solutions.

Still is was sort of neat to see.


That's my cell number, don't call unless you have a good question or maybe some business we can transact.

My first video camera

This was back in the late 70's and this ancient video camera was a badly burned old CCTV camera they were tossing out at my Dad's job. He brought it home for me to play with. Together we manged to hook it to a TV and see some movement when we waved our hand in front.

The imaging tube was so badly burned you could still see an image of the office the camera was sitting in for so many years.

I eventually replaced the vidcon tube and tuned it till I got a decent crisp Black and white image.

I played with my first video feedback using this camera, had many years of great fun with it.

Somewhere around I have an OLD VHS tape with video from it, I would love to dig out and post on youtube.

Multiple projector edge blending for increased resolution.

This was a cool demo where they used a canon digital camera to capture high res images of the projectors overlaps and then use that to correct the images to product one larger resolution projector image.

I have seen other systems that can edge blend projector images but they required more accurate placement of the projectors and the edge blends were predetermined.


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