Tuesday, September 13, 2022

iniVation - DAVIS 346 Neuromorphic Event camera.

A high-precision camera sensor manufactured by Swiss company iniVation, which develops neuromorphic vision systems.

Employs a patented technology that works like the human retina, significantly reducing power consumption, data rate and computational requirements compared to conventional camera sensors, while providing a dynamic range of 120dB and latency of 1ms. Has less and higher performance.

It is expected to be used in the following fields:

surveillance and ambient sensing / high-speed robots / FA applications (factory automation) / microscopy / motion analysis (humans and animals) / fluid dynamics / sleep research, chronobiology / Fluorescence Imaging / Particle Tracking

Product Specifications:

  • 346 x 260 resolution

  • Simultaneous frame and event output

  • H 40 x W 60 x D 25 mm

  • 100 g without lens

  • CE certified

  • Color or mono

Device comes with:

  • Micro-USB 3.0 cable

  • CS-mount lens

  • 1/4" mount

The camera does not output frames of intensity images. However, similar intensity images can be reconstructed from the event output by their DV software. 

There is support for multi-camera time synchronization via daisy chain connection and external event injection.

iniVation website: https://inivation.com/

CED: Color Event Camera Dataset
CED is the first Color Event Camera Dataset, featuring 50 minutes of footage with both color frames and color events from the Color-DAVIS346. Event cameras have several advantages over conventional cameras: high dynamic range, low latency and immunity to motion blur. We include sequences that showcase these attractive properties, such as high-speed, low-light etc. All the data are released as binary (rosbag) files.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022