Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember the Osprey high end Video Capture Boards.

These were all the rage back in the late 90's. They are made by ViewCast

I had totally forgotten about them, and when I went to try to find
I accidentally went to

Turns out to be a reseller of the Osprey Video Capture boards.

I much prefer dealing with Lazlow Zoltan of computer modules down in San Diego. Great guy.
He also sells the Osprey board.

I did a project with the SDI-Master board, from him a few years ago.

Well at least back then they were just Brooktree BT848/BT878 Capture boards.
I was able to get an almost identical capture board (lower quality) for $15 from lifeview in Milpitas. But I think they are long gone now, this was back in 1999 when I was doing this work.
The Brooktree was aquired and is now Conexant.
The chips became the Fusion 878 chip.
To this days it's still one of my favorite capture chips. Much simpler then the Techwell parts.

The GeoVision and Kodicom CCTV DVR capture boards also use this same chip.
My livecam product was also built around it.

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