Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3-D Video and Cinema

Side-by-side Format 3D HD video signal displayed in normal video mode.
taken at the 3ality Digital booth at NAB, JVC GD-463D10 LCD Monitor

3D was one the the technologies that really stood out at NAB this year.
Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Hyundai all had 3D displays running.

Xpol 3D system
Xpol polarizing filter method of 3D TV with is done by bonding a circular polar filters to each line on the LCD display. With passive polarizing filter glasses it creates a very high quality 3D image. Since both right and left images are displayed on one screen at the same time there is no flicker. The nice part is the polarizing filter glasses could be very inexpensive like the ones made by American Paper Optic, rather then more expensive LCD shutter glasses.

Xpol is from Arisawa an LCD display manufacturer.

Currently, there are only a few broadcasters such as BS11 (a satellite channel in Japan) with available 3D programming; therefore, Asuna Corporation has developed a device called a TriDef DVD player that will convert commercially available 2D content software into 3D video content by simply connecting a 3D monitor and commercial DVD player to it.


FASE FA System Engineering of Japan 3D Hi-Vision (HD) display manufactured by Asuna Corporation

"naked-eye" and WOW 3D systems
Both developed by Philips Electronics the "naked-eye" 3D system that does not require polarizing glasses but uses a special lenticular lens. The problem is the position of the viewer is critical.
This system inserts black and white depth information (called Depth Map) to conventional 2D images to create 3D images.

For-A Co

Mitomo Co., Ltd. world's largest 3D LCD monitor. The 65-inch monitor was developed by VisuMotion of Germany and like the monitor manufactured by Philips Electronics, it also incorporated a "naked-eye" 3D system. This LCD monitor was released in June 2008, and the company said that it will be able to develop even larger 100-inch+ sized displays using LEDs. The company has also succeeded in developing a commercially viable mobile phone with 3D-image capability and this product is expected to hit the market in the near future.

Shutter Goggle system
To be continued.

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