Saturday, August 01, 2009

More novel display technologies.

Keep in mind these companies tend to come and go quickly.

I was just checking on Brillian, and LCD maker that developed there own LCoS technology. Poof it's gone. Even the Stock Ticker symbol is gone. I think they were around only 2 years or so before becoming Syntax-Brillian then someone must have acquired them or then went under.

Liquid Vista is a spin off of Philips Research to commercialize a Electrowetting displays,
a technology.
What the hell is Electrowetting? It is the Digital microfluidic manipulation of chemical and biological fluids .

I looks very similar to LCD technology, but supposed to have a better colors.

SeeReal claims to have 3D real-time holography.


Maybe one of my readers can figure out what the deal is with them.

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