Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HD video off android phone!

See this Amazing HD video off cell demo!

Zii Labs, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd. The same people who made the sound blaster audio card (one of the first audio cards for the PC). Says they have over 800 R&D engineers and invested US$1 billion and 10,000 man-years in media processing solutions. They have offices in the UK, China, USA and Singapore.

Well I am impressed, considering this is the first time I have heard about them.

They make the ZMS-05 media processor / chipset. Claiming to accelerate from 10 Gigaflops to PetaFlops, for handling media-intensive applications.

It uses what they call Stemcell computing technology sounds like a type of cell processor.

This is very similar to the Enumera chip that I was trying to make a prototype with Chuck Moore called the 25x. Man can't believe that opportunity fell apart!

They have a development board for their ZMS-05 chip.

ZiiLABS provide robust Linux-based Board Support Packages (BSPs) supporting the ZMS-05 based Plaszma hardware platforms such as; Zii EGG, ZMS-05 EVM and ZMS-05 System Module. These reference BSPs ensure that a fully operational kernel supporting the native Plaszma OS or Android is ready for use and supports the board specific modules and hardware features exposed on each platform.

Here are one of their Press releases.

The web site they give is

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