Monday, October 19, 2009

Dissection of Ambicom Bluetooth CF card

Dissection of Ambicom Bluetooth CF card.
(We were able to get this running on Arm Linux, but it was very difficult with modified driver code from manufacturer)

This is the insides of the Ambicom BT2000-CF card

More High res images of board below

Ceramic Chip Antenna's for BlueTooth. This is a similar one, not sure what the actual one is.


U11 -- High performance single channel UART
Oxford Semiconductor

U2 -- 4 Megabit (512K x 8-bit / 256K x 16-bit) Flash Memory, Boot Sector Flash Memory,

U1 -- CSR Bluecore2 chip

CSR chip is Bluetooth 1.2 -- Belkin uses it, don't release firmware for it.

U13 - 1Kbit Serial EEPROM

Similar card

CSR - BC212

Oxford Semiconductor OXCF950

* High performance UART with peak asynchronous data rates up to 15Mbps
* RS232/422/485 full and half duplex interfaces
* Deep 128-Byte receive/transmit fifos
* Full modem interface with hardware out of band flow control
* Automated Xon/Xoff in-band flow control
* Flexible clock prescalar allows for a wide range of baud rates
* Infra-red (IrDA) receive and transmit operation
* Support for external, 8 bit pass-through local bus for port expansion
* 2 GPIOs
* 16-bit PC Card 7.1 and CF+ 1.4 compliant
* Software compatible with industry standard 16C550 type devices
* 3.3V operation with 5V Tolerant IO
* 48 TQFP or 48 TFBGA package
* Industrial temperature range (-40 to +105°C)
* Certified device drivers for a wide range of operating systems


Combining Oxford Semiconductor’s high performance UART and 16-bit PC Card/Compact Flash technology, the OXCF950 is the ideal connectivity solution for products that need to bridge serial devices to 16-bit PC Card or Compact Flash interfaces including: Cellular CDMA/GSM/GPRS, GPS, and Bluetooth wireless data cards.

This highly integrated device is backed by certified device drivers, for a wide range of operating systems, to deliver ultimate performance with reduced design cycles and accelerated time to market.

The OXCF950 is a single chip serial port solution for 16-bit PC Card and Compact Flash based serial connectivity and bridging applications. The device incorporates Oxford Semiconductor’s high performance, feature-rich UART technology that combines the industry’s fastest baud rates and deepest fifos with unrivalled flexibility. It adds up to a class leading serial connectivity solution.


* Cellular CDMA/GSM/GPRS
* Bluetooth
* ZigBee
* Serial port expansion
* Bar-code readers
* Roll printers
* Scanners

[   ] BC212.pdf               19-Oct-2009 04:23  2.2M  
[   ] EN29LV400.pdf           19-Oct-2009 04:23  320K  
[   ] SER_OXCF950_DS.pdf      19-Oct-2009 04:23  367K  
[   ] atmel93C46.pdf          19-Oct-2009 04:23  536K  

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